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Migrating from Google Apps to Office 365 – Step 6

August 14, 2011

INDEX / Step 6 – Finalizing the migration process

We’re almost done! The last few things that you have to do is remove all reference to Google Mail in your DNS Manager.
Items that need to be removed are:
MX Record
TXT Verification Record
And all other reference to you may find to Google Mail.


Please do the following step after 72 hours of removing all reference to Google Mail.


Now log back in to the Portal and clik on Manage under Exchange Online.






Select E-Mail Migration and click on Complete migration.


Click Finish to complete the process.


This concludes my migration from Google Apps to Office 365, I must say typing this manual took WAY longer than the actual migration, just to show how fast it can go!
I hope all this information was useful to you, if you have any questions please drop a comment in the main thread and I will answer.

Everyone goodluck with your migration!



P.S. Don’t forget to cancel your subscription with Google Mail 😉  







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