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Migrating from Google Apps to Office 365 – Step 4

August 14, 2011

INDEX / Step 4 – Email Migration


On the Admin page in the Portal, click on Manage under Exchange Online to start configuring the migration process.





Select E-Mail Migration and click on New


Select IMAP and click on Next.


Now it’s time to fill in the required fields:
IMAP Server: imap.gmail.com
Authentication: Basic
Encryption: SSL
Port: 993
Number of mailboxes to migrate simultaneously: 10
(I would assume that Google has a good enough connection to handle 10 connections for migration)
Click Next to continue


Add the following folders into the exclusions:
All Mail
[Gmail]/All Mail
You may also add [Gmail]/Starred, [Gmail]/Important if you like.
This is all done to remove duplicate emails
Click OK to continue


OK so next up is importing all the Google mail accounts through a simple CSV file that should look like this:


Once again if editing through Excel make sure that they are komma seperated in stead of through tabs.









Select the CSV file and click Next.


Click on Run to start the process.


After Run is clicked you will be brought back to the E-Mail migration page to see the progress of the migration.


Once the migration is finished then will be a great time to change the MX records to point to Exchange servers online.
Go back to Domains under Management on the Admin page in the Portal, view the properties of your domains and select DNS Settings to see where your MX record should be pointing to.
Then go to your DNS Manager and add the MX record. Mine looked like the following:








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