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Migrating from Google Apps to Office 365 – Step 2

August 14, 2011

INDEX / Step 2 – Add a domain

Once all the service have been populated, click on Domains under Management















Click on Add on a domain

Type in the domain name that you use for your company; as an example I have used QWISE11IGNITE365.NET. Click Check domain and verify the Domain information, if this is all correct go and click Next



Now you have to prove that the given domain is actually yours.

You will have to add a TXT or MX record (I chose TXT record for this example)

Since the wizard saw that my domain is hosted with Godaddy it gave me exact step by step instructions on how to add this TXT record.

It would be wise to copy the text value that needs to be added into your DNS so that it can be pasted later on.



Now go to the DNS Manager for your domain and add the TXT record

If you have Godaddy as well click on your domain and continue


select Launch to launch the DNS Manager







As instructed paste the TXT value in the TXT value box and set a “@” for the host just like in the screen below


Click Save Zone File and OK, leave the DNS manager open as you will need to add more records later








Go Back to the Portal site and click Verify so that you may continue with the setup


The reason why SharePoint online is not selected in the screen below is because by default it restricts all other DNS records from working. Although there is a workaround for this.

Click next to continue.


Click Configure DNS records to show the list of DNS settings that need to be added



Since you should still be logged in to your DNS Manager you may click Next


Take note of the DNS settings that need to be added, copy and paste them into your DNS Manager as in the screens below: 


Once finished your DNS Manager should look something like this (you will probably have other records as well i.e. TXT and MX records for Google Apps



Once again save the zone file and click OK









Go back to the portal and click Finish

Depending on where your domain is hosted it may take up to 72 hours for the change to take effect world wide. (my experience is it usually does not take so long)



Ta-da! and your domain has been added to Office 365, congratulations!








If you click on your domain name you will be able to see it’s properties














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